Ljiljana Trajković Pavlović MD PHD

President of the Sebian Nuition Society

Graduated as general medical practicionar, got master degree and Ph disertation in the field of clinical nutrition and specialization in hygiene at Medical Faculty, University of Belgrade. Retired as a Head of the Department for Nutrition and Food Safety within the Institute of Public Health of the Province of Vojvodina and as a professor in hygiene, nutrition and public health within Medical Facultyof the University of Novi Sad; acted as a national counterpart for nutrition with WHO, chaired/participated in working groups for harmonization of the food safety legislation with EU (Food law, dietetics products safety, microbiological criteria for food safety control, food labelling, nutritional and health claims etc); acted as a national coordinator of the UNICEF/ICCIDD programe on iodine deficiency disorders elimination and as a national coordinator of the WHO project Stranghtening Food and Nutrition Services in Southeast Eurpean Countries; coordinated the programme for sodium control in meals in kindergartens in the Province Vojvodina; has been acting as a president of the Serbian Nutrition Society since 2017.